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General Fund

Donations to the General Fund provide the Board the most flexibility. We pay annual state fees and other business expenses associated with keeping a 501c3 corporation in legal standing with the State of Tennessee. Funding is also used in the advancement of getting the message out as well as funding the startup and of the Alumni Association events that require some up front payments. Our volunteer Board is grateful for the initial funding we have received through the lifetime membership donations. Without these donations we would not be operational.


Our investment in the Web Site has provided an efficient tool for accepting donations as well as aiding various Class Reunions with a method to collect up front payments for their reunions. This is a convenient way to provide funds to the reunion committiees to pay deposits without the need for one of the Committee members to front the funding. Our goal is to continue to facilitate and support reunion activities through the collection and pass thru collection activities. Only transactions fees are charged and the Alumni Association does not retain any fee for providing this service.


If you wish to support the Board and allow your Board the freedom to use this funds as we best determine please donate to this fund.

General Fund
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