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We Can't Do It Without Your Help

Please consider helping us and the students by donating to one or more of our 5 funds:



Contributions are100% Tax Deductible and can be donated in multiple increments.





Support the Alumni effort through a General Fund contribution.  These contributions are used to support any aspect of activities including: State and Federal Filing Fees, Office Expenses, communication expenses, seed money for events, and any other activity of the Alumni Association.  You may donate in multiples of the Price by clicking the "plus sign" to increase the donation.

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General Fund


Membership Donation


Minimum Contribution  Feel free to donate more than $20

Join the Overton Alumni Association to support the ongoing effort to help build our relationship with the school, keep in contact with other Alumni through social events, and help give back to the community.

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Fund Donation


Contributions are used to develop, equip, and maintain a building on the Overton Campus for use by the Alumni Association.  Our vision is for a joint-use building in combination with the Quad-A club.


The Alumni Board directs the use of the funds contributed to advance this vision and is subject to change.

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Building Fund




Contributions are fully tax deductible and earmarked specifically for the support of Girls Athletics. 

Funds may be used to directly purchase products and services that benefit the Lady Bobcat programs including but not limited to: Field improvements, athletic equipment, and uniforms.

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Girls Athletics




/ Student

Sponsor a student's 4-year membership in the Quad-A club.  

Overton HS is the PILOT school for expanding the college clubs to Secondary Schools.  Quad-A is an organization promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).  The club is supported with funding from businesses and the Alumni exclusively by donations.


The goal is to prepare students for technology jobs on graduation from Overton.  See the Quad-A website for more information about the clubs.  


Each Donation of $40 sponsors one student

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Quad A
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